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You-review-it Monday

March 28, 2011

For me, the weekend included the world premiere of "The Gospel According to James" at the Indiana Repertory Theatre, which I'll be writing about in this week's "Lou's Views" column (which you can always find at www.ibj.com/arts)

I also made it to the Friday coffee concert edition of the Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra/Indianapolis Symphony Choir's celebration of choruses from Hollywood and Broadway—which included selections from "Gone with the Wind" and "Les Miserables" but was dominated by John Williams ("Raiders of the Lost Ark," "Star Wars," "Saving Private Ryan," and a piece from the obscure "Monsignor" lovingly rediscovered and presented by maestro Jack Everly). A medley blending "Brigadoon" and "Finian's Rainbow" songs made it clear that, in the hands of the ISO, things are just fine in Glocca Mora. 

Regular readers of my column know that I include games under arts and entertainment—more social, face-to-face games then computer ones. This week, with friends, I tried out such morbidly fun games as "Gloom" and "Kill Dr. Lucky" along with the lively, cube-rolling Qwirkle and the map-building Carcassonne.

Oh, and there was "Grease." Find my review here.  

And you? What creative endeavors did you experience over the last few days?

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