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You-review-it Monday: Songbook gala, etc.

June 23, 2014

For me, the weekend included the Great American Songbook Hall of Fame gala honoring Nat King Cole, Linda Ronstadt, Johnny Mathis, and Shirley Jones (the latter two of whom were joyfully in attendance).

The highlight of the program for me was singer Denzal Sinclaire, who I had never heard before. Within minutes of his tribute to Cole, I became a fan. Applause, too, to the top-notch band that accompanied all.

The weekend also included some movie watching, both deliberate for the upcoming Indianapolis International Film Festival (in preparation for my July 14 preview) and casual (finally thought I'd give the Superman reboot "Man of Steel" a try and, with my sights low, it exceeded expectations). At the top of the reading pile was the latest from Indiana author Walter Wangerin.

And you?

Did you get to see "Jersey Boys" at the multiplex? Catch the season opener for Symphony on the Prairie? Get to the Indianapolis Early Music Festival? Meet some PBS characters in the park? Catch "The Book of Mormon" or "The Cock Fight Play"? (Reviews of both here.)

What did you do on the A&E front over the weekend?

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