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IBJ movie night: "Zift"

July 8, 2009
The upcoming print issue of IBJ will include a preview of the Indianapolis International Film Festival, including our guide to the Best of the Fest. When that hits the stands, you'll also find a rundown of Recommends, If You Have Time, and Skip films at www.ibj.com.

I'll tip my hand on one film: Among the recommended titles is the Bulgarian thriller "Zift." And I'd like you to join me at a screening on July 21 at the Indianapolis Museum of Art.

Here's what I'm saying about the film in that article: 

“Zift." This overstuffed, sadistic, scatological and wildly fun thriller tells of an ex-con (picture a Bulgarian Vin Diesel) who has a very rough time of it after being released from prison. Unfolding in one torturous day, it’s shot in striking black and white and contains a can-you-top-this cast of oddball supporting characters. The perfect fest film to take the action film-loving uninitiated film-fester to.

Interested in seeing this unlikely-to-be-coming-soon-to-a-theater-near-you film for free? I've got a small stack of passes to give away. All you have to do is post below.

I'll pick winners at random and contact you via e-mail.

And if you've been to the Indianapolis International Film Festival before, mention the most memorable films you've seen. (My personal favorites have been the Australian drama "Look Both Ways" and the goofy short "Nevel is the Devil."

Your thoughts?
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