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Who needs local movie critics?

April 1, 2008
The New York Times today reports on the continued trend of newspapers ditching their film critics.

Yes, we’ve discussed cuts in newspaper coverage of the arts here in the past — but this debate is a little different when it comes to movies. If newspapers cut their local music, theater, dance and art coverage, those artistic trees falling in the forest may be heard by a few people, but no one who wasn’t there will know what the forest looked like.

When it comes to film, though, anyone with a computer can visit fandango.com and read a range of opinions on just about any film in release. And most newspapers are continuing coverage — just picking up reviews from other sources instead of using their own writers.

Truth is, there is no shortage of film critics or film writing. But what do we lose when a local paper doesn’t have a local film critic? Do you read the reviews in Nuvo (which maintains its own critic) differently than you do those in the Indianapolis Star (which doesn’t)?

Your thoughts?
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