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Fringe review sparks discussion

August 28, 2008
A brief review I posted here on Friday of the IndyFringe show "Peace on Terror" has generated some intense reaction. See the post and ongoing comments here. The conversation, led by someone involved in the show, has spilled over to the Indiana Auditions website as well.

One of the great things about our brave new blogging world is that such conversation can erupt almost instantly. I welcome the discussion and actively encourage response to the issues and opinions raised here as well as in my print columns.

Apart from the merits of the specific show, one of the side issues raised is how a writer/director/actor/artist/musician/artistic director should respond to negative press.

As a full-time critic (one of the few left in this town) as well as a writer whose work has been negatively reviewed in a variety of places--from Nuvo to Publisher's Weekly to random readers posting on amazon.com--it's a topic I'm very interested in.

I'd like to particularly encourage Indy arts professionals to chime in on the topic.

Your thoughts?
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