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Amendment for houses of worship

December 13, 2007
State Sen. Pat Miller says sheâ??s looking to the future by proposing a constitutional amendment that would protect churches and other houses of worship from someday being taxed.

Itâ??s not a â??crisis today,â?? but could become a problem in the future given the concern over rising property taxes, the Indianapolis Republican says.

Supporters of tax exemptions for houses of worship, or any not-for-profit for that matter, say the good the organizations do for society more than compensates for the loss of tax revenue. The more not-for-profits can be encouraged, the better, they say.

Others say the groups should pay their fair share regardless of what they accomplish. Not-for-profits require the same streets and fire protection as everyone else, so why shouldnâ??t they contribute? goes the argument.

Whatâ??s your take? Should not-for-profits be taxed?

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