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How happy are your employees?

June 3, 2011
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Job satisfaction of American workers is up from a low reached in late summer last year but hasn’t recovered to the peak hit just before the financial crisis, a Gallup survey shows.

In April, the survey found, 87.5 percent of employees were satisfied with their jobs. The low was 86.9 in July and August last year and the peak of 89.4 percent was set in February 2008.

The results get more interesting the further one goes into detail. Those whose job satisfaction eroded the most from the high point were Latinos, those lacking a high school diploma and those with vocational educations. People living in western states, Asians and young adults had steep declines, too.

Is anyone happier? Only blacks, the survey found. However, blacks are still comparatively unhappy; the demographic is least likely to enjoy its work.

Most happy with their jobs are people older than 65, those who have advanced degrees and those who make more than $90,000 a year.

How do these findings square with your observations?

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