Hamlisch and show music matters

Appreciative applause met Marvin Hamlisch when, just a few hours ago, he announced from the podium at the Hilbert Circle Theatre that he’d be conducting a medley of songs from “My Fair Lady” as part of his pops program with…

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Naked in Carmel

Few would object, on the one end, to a Norman Rockwell painting being hung in an art gallery window.

Few, at the other end, would approve of a city park screening of a Jenna Jameson skin flick.

But where is the line…

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Super hero museum closes

Superman leaps tall buildings in a single bound (note: If he can fly, why does he bother leaping? Just asking).

Dane Nash took his own enormous leap—of faith—when he decided to put his Superman and Batman memorabilia collection—including a full-sized Batmobile…

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You-review-it Monday

This weekend, I caught Dance Kaleidoscope’s “Funny Feet,” The Phoenix Theatre’s “End Days,” Beef & Board’s “Run for Your Wife” and stopped in, briefly, at the Midwest Museum of Contemporary Art’s “Backyard” at the Harrison Center.

In short, I spent a…

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Lining up for Romans

A three-hour wait to see a show at the Indianapolis Museum of Art?That’s what patrons report occurred in late December as Hoosiers took advantage of some free time to see “Roman Art from the Louvre” during its final…

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IBJ Night at the Movies

Want to join us at an advance screening of one of the most critically acclaimed movies of the year?

I’ll get to how in a second.

First, I wanted to ask if critics—of books, art, concerts, whatever—have influenced where you’ve decided to…

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Indy arts: The Ballard years

“…  Frankly, if it comes down to another piece of art or another cop on the street, that’s not a close call.”
So said Greg Ballard in a post-election interview with IBJ.

With Ballard now officially on the job as mayor of…

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Holiday Movies

The holiday movie season started for me with a sneak of “The Kite Runner,” continued with the flawed-but-fascinating “No Country for Old Men,” took me through the nail-biting “Before the Devil Knows You’re Dead,” sidetripped into the domestic drama “The…

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A&E dining: before and after

Last Friday, after catching the musical “Assassins” at Hedback Theatre, I barely made it to the new Meridian Bar and Restaurant in time for a late dinner.

What I want to talk about now, though, isn’t the show (that review will…

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Live … from the big screen

A few weeks back in my IBJ Daily A&E e-mail blast (you can subscribe for free here: http://www.ibj.com/2k6_2/forms/regform_nh.asp),  I wrote about a recent presentation of a LaScala opera on screen at the Rave movie theater at Metropolis.

Last night, at…

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