Saving Steak n Shake

Lots of Hoosiers have warm-and-fuzzy feelings for Steak n Shake. Wall Street’s feelings are an entirely different

As the company readies to announce fiscal fourth quarter financial results this Thursday, investors are exasperated.
The company has reported eight straight quarters…

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Will ATA leave Indy entirely?

IBJ reporter Chris Oâ??Malley reported last weekend that ATA Airlinesâ?? parent company has quietly moved its
headquarters to Peachtree City, Ga. Global Aero Logistics no longer flies out of Indianapolis International
Airport, but it has other operations here that employ…

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How did media affect Ballard’s win?

Election Day was no high point in the annals of Indianapolis media. How could we have missed such a big
story, that Greg Ballard was about to upset incumbent Mayor Bart Peterson?

Local news organizations treated Ballard as an afterthought until…

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Will business like Ballard?

Dating at least to the â??60s, when Richard Lugar was mayor of Indianapolis, the cityâ??s comeback has been
driven by nationally renowned cooperation between government and business.

Business interests came out of the woodwork to support Lugar, and subsequent mayors William…

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A new mayor in Indianapolis

Now that Greg Ballard has pulled the big upset, how will Indianapolis be different under his administration? Is his election
good or bad for business?

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Arts leaders tout Peterson

The race between Indianapolis Mayor Bart Peterson and his Republican challenger, Greg Ballard, became interesting
in the final days, and not just because Ballard suddenly got traction in a widely publicized poll.

In the past few days, two prominent arts leaders…

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My, how Marion has changed

It wasnâ??t so long ago that Marion was the poster child for Rust Belt decline in Indiana. The city, which
is just off Interstate 69 between Indianapolis and Fort Wayne, lost a string of manufacturers and then finally
the big…

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Welcome to News Talk, where you can join the conversation on developing news. News Talk’s host, Norm Heikens, can be reached
at or 317-472-5304.

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Stressed college grads

A new poll shows college grads are worried about finding jobs â?? no surprise there, considering the sorry
state of the economy.

But the poll, taken by Edison Media Research, also shows a third of them fretting about their…

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The recession hits churches

Churches, which tend to ride out recessions better than many other institutions, are struggling to finish building projects, reporter Kathleen McLaughlin writes in this weekend’s IBJ.

The recession and stock market downturn have forced parishioners to scale back commitments, resulting in…

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