Indianapolis Business Journal

AUGUST 24-30, 2009

How do doctors believe the nation should fix its broken health care system? IBJ this week includes a package of interviews with physicians as it continues its in-depth coverage of reform legislation pending in Congress. We also report this week on the crowded field of Democrats who already are lining up to take on Mayor Greg Ballard, even though he is just two years into his first term. In addition, read this week about how Dodson Group bounced back, and worked with lenders and other stakeholders, after discovering hundreds of thousands of dollars were missing from company coffers. On a lighter note, read Lou Harry's reviews of new board games.








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ICVA might take out loan to market city for conventions

The Indianapolis Convention & Visitors Association is so desperate for more marketing funding, the organization charged
with promoting the city as a convention and tourism destination is considering taking out a loan. While that
would be the last resort, ICVA CEO Don Welsh said it is one he will have to consider if the money can’t be raised through
local taxes.

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My Health Care Manager looks to grow fast

Indianapolis-based startup My Health Care Manager has signed an agreement with Indianapolis-based
WellPoint Inc. that will eventually put My Health Care Manager’s elder care service in front of the health insurer’s
thousands of employer clients and their workers around the country.

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INpact Medical Device Network matches start-ups with service providers

Industry groups in the life sciences, medical and information technology realms have helped lure companies to the region
and foster upstarts. Funding is almost always an issue, but it’s not the only barrier. Getting medical
devices to market often requires product design, development and marketing resources that aren’t
always apparent to upstarts.

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Dodson Group hit crisis mode after trusted CFO suspected of theft

At first, small-business owner Jim Dodson figured the problem must be a technical glitch. During a routine analysis of
aging unpaid invoices last September, one of his employees couldn’t tie the latest figures to the company’s ledger.
Accounts receivable for his company,
the Dodson Group, had been overstated by $2.7 million—double their true value. And $422,539 was missing from the firm’s

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HICKS: As classes begin, students have fresh opportunity

Classes start this week at Ball State University, and other colleges and universities across the country. For many, it is
a bittersweet moment, as parents say goodbye to their now young adults, handing them over to professors and scarily youthful
resident hall assistants for safekeeping.

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Marcus Schrenker gets prison sentence

The Indianapolis money manager who crashed his plane and parachuted to safety in an elaborate scheme
to fake his death and flee financial ruin, has been sentenced to more than four years in federal prison.

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Colts take lead in fighting drunk driving

The National Football League and stadium operators are sending a strong anti-drunk-driving message to fans this year as
part of an effort to expand the league’s 1-year-old Fan Code of Conduct program.

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