JONES: ChaCha was a great idea that ran out of money

I still believe my decade-old vision is sturdy and world-changing, because even the best computers and algorithms are still able to answer only about 60 percent of the random questions asked by on-the-go people, doing real life.

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How ballyhooed ChaCha lost its mojo

Early enthusiasm for ChaCha Search Inc. was so high that at one point it reportedly received a $100 million buyout offer. But today, with ChaCha’s workforce down to 15, the jubilance is gone, Web traffic continues to drain, and founder Scott Jones appears ready to move on.

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Apple buyout in ChaCha’s future?

Apple has applied for a patent that sounds pretty familiar to the folks at Carmel-based ChaCha Search Inc. Enough so that ChaCha founder Scott Jones has suggested that his business is well-suited for an acquisition by one of the largest companies in the world.

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ChaCha secures $14M investment to expand services

The latest round of funding will enable ChaCha to make “significant” investments in new products to expand both mobile and online services, CEO Scott Jones said. Internally, the project is dubbed “Go Big.”

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ChaCha apologizing for ‘inflammatory’ answers

Carmel-based ChaCha Search Inc., a question-and-answer service for mobile phone and online users, is apologizing for providing what it calls "inflammatory answers to questions asked about sensitive subjects.”

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ChaCha broadens business strategy

Mobile-phone-answers service ChaCha Search has dialed up its largest expansion yet—entering the United Kingdom and contracting with New York City’s “311” municipal information service.

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