Wise investment? Voucher system’s effectiveness tough to judge

Over six years, the state has spent more than a half billion dollars on vouchers. During that time, Indiana’s program has expanded, giving more students access to vouchers than in any other state—despite mixed evidence from researchers that vouchers help students achieve.

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Competition for school kids heats up across Indy

Public schools—including traditional, district-run schools and charters—are employing ever-more sophisticated advertising and marketing campaigns in an effort to meet enrollment targets by the time the official state count day rolls around.

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One state tries to say bye-bye bubble sheets

A New Hampshire pilot program eschews computerized testing and multiple-choice tests for “performance tasks” spread throughout the school year that are meant to measure a deeper understanding of the subjects students are studying.

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IPS approves ‘newcomer’ school, two innovation schools

Just a week after the Indianapolis Public Schools board heard a proposal to create a school for students who are new to the country, the plan won approval Thursday night. The board also OK’d plans to convert two district schools to “innovation” status.

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Cash-strapped Tindley sued over staffing agency fee

Pinnacle Partners Inc. has sued the charter school operator for allegedly failing to pay its $15,000 finder’s fee for placing a staff accountant. Tindley recently missed ambitious enrollment targets, creating a cash crunch.

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