Daniels approves of Obama plan

Gov. Mitch Daniels said he generally supports a federal stimulus package that would include some money for Indiana and other
states, particularly for infrastructure projects such as highways and bridges.

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Election of president, governor signals Hoosiers desire changes

Indiana’s blue vote for president-elect Barack Obama on Election Day was a sign that Hoosiers are ready for change. So was
the state’s red vote to keep incumbent Gov. Mitch Daniels in office. In this case, the status quo means more change. Daniels
has been making gutsy and sometimes unpopular moves since taking office four years ago. He ran on a promise to keep shaking
things up.

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Tax reform fallout worries biz interests

Property tax reform is now Indiana law. Hoosier homeowners are thrilled. But many corporate leaders grumble the historic deal was brokered on the backs of business. Topping their concerns is the new 3-percent property tax cap for commercial and industrial properties, which they fear will slow business expansions and discourage companies from moving headquarters to the state.

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