Dealer Services Corp. has rival Adesa taking notice

Dealer Services Corp. is an example of what happens when an entrepreneur sells his company to a bigger one and then comes
back to haunt it after he is tossed aside. In this case, the spurned entrepreneur, John Fuller, became a thorn to Adesa Inc.
a few years after its CEO sent him packing in late 2001.

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Columbia Club faces membership, financial issues

The Columbia Club, the tradition-rich enclave where the city’s business elite have gathered and cut deals for more than a
century, is facing declining membership, the departure of its longtime general manager, and looming financial challenges–including
a $5.5 million loan that comes due this summer.

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Old National slaps Durham with suit

Indianapolis entrepreneur Tim Durham has run into trouble with one of his lenders. Evansville-based Old National Bank says
in a Dec. 1 lawsuit that Durham’s Indianapolis-based holding company,Obsidian Enterprises Inc., is in default on $2.6 million
in loans that came due Nov. 1.

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