Energy act will hurt Indiana’s economy

A deeply concerning piece of legislation has just recently slipped through the [U.S.] House of Representatives. Although the American Clean Energy and Security Act has an appealing name and is created to improve our environment, in actuality, its passing through the Senate will cause dire problems for Hoosiers.

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Bills would require utilities to reduce reliance on coal

Two bills in the Indiana Legislature would require utilities that operate here to supply up to 25 percent of their electricity from renewable resources such as wind, landfill gas, and plant and animal waste. Backers say utilities need more incentive to diversify from coal-based power generation.

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Bill would let utilities pass on more costs without rate hearings

Utility ratepayer groups say House Bill 1496, which is stuck in committee, is typical of what they see as a disturbing trend:
allowing utilities to pass the cost of mandates directly to consumers. HB 1496 would require Indiana’s coal-reliant electric
utilities to generate at least 10 percent of their power from renewable energy sources like wind and landfill gas.

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