Energy act will hurt Indiana's economy

August 3, 2009

A deeply concerning piece of legislation has just recently slipped through the [U.S.] House of Representatives. Although the American Clean Energy and Security Act has an appealing name and is created to improve our environment, in actuality, its passing through the Senate will cause dire problems for Hoosiers.

This act, calling for a mandated minimum percentage of Indiana’s power to come from renewable energy, will likely further hinder Indiana’s attempts to recover during these tough economic times. Indiana, compared with other states, does not have sufficient access to natural resources to make these required changes. This legislation will produce outcomes including higher electricity bills, excessive tax increases and a loss in jobs. 

Both Indiana and the country as a whole will be put at a competitive disadvantage in the manufacturing sector. What businesses would choose to pay significantly more for electricity should they choose to set up shop in Indiana?

Placing strict, immediate and unrealistic energy standards on Hoosiers will simply redistribute wealth outside of Indiana rather than making an investment in the future. Our representatives, senators Bayh and Lugar, need to listen to our reservations and speak out against this damaging piece of legislation. It is time for Washington to consider the effect this act will have on all states, and how it could seriously impair the future of Indiana.

Michael Lutkewitte

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