NCAA, city still hammering out long-term deal

The NCAA and city put together a deal to cover insurance and liability issues for this year’s Final Four, but are still finalizing
an agreement that assures the event comes back regularly through 2039.

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Low-profile CIB leader embraces tough financial task

Lathrop Watch VideoAnn
Lathrop's interactions with the Indiana Pacers and Indianapolis Colts aren't what she might have envisioned as a young
college student pursuing a career in sports medicine. Now president of the city's Capital Improvement Board, her relations
with the teams are tied to their financial conditions rather than the health of their players.

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IU names basketball center after billionaire Cooks

Indiana University's new basketball training complex will be named after billionaire entrepreneur Bill Cook and his wife.
IU athletic director Fred Glass says the Cooks gave $15 million—the single largest gift in IU athletics history—toward
the nearly $20 million basketball training center.

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