Brokers work as difference-makers

February 12, 2011

I wanted to respond to your article titled “Health insurance brokers set for shakeout” that ran on the front page of [the Feb. 7] IBJ.

You’re right, our industry is poised to change, but you missed what’s happening not only in our firm every day, but with our peers in the field that have long since fought against the natural trends of our industry in order to provide value and create solid outcomes—to be difference-makers.

We have a job to do. But it’s no longer just about getting a better price every year for the medical renewal—those days are over. It’s about health awareness and measurable goals in the work force; creating a culture shift—workplaces that win in today’s economy and share a new perspective on health.

It’s our job to lead change within a company. Today’s competitive advantage is about having a work force that’s adaptable, creative, resilient, resourceful and capable—and that means fostering the dreams and health of employees.

It may seem ridiculous to applaud IBJ for an article that puts our business at near extinction. But you’re right. We grow every time a customer says “this should be different.” It’s too bad, though, that you missed the opportunity to show the new day that is already being created by associates like ours—the difference-makers.

Bryan Brenner

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