Lawrence Township School Foundation

December 15, 2008

Lawrence Township School Foundation
5626 Lawton Loop East Drive
Indianapolis, IN 46216
Phone: (317) 423-8300
Fax: (317) 568-4811
Web site: www.msdltf.org
Founded: 1983
Paid employees: four
Highest-paid staff member: Christie Love, executive director, $36,000
Top volunteers: Jan Keefer, president, four years; Tom DiMartino, vice president, 8 years

Encourage and support creativity, innovation and excellence that enhances the educational community of the Metropolitan School District of Lawrence Township. Fund special programs and scholarships, and award Creative Classroom grants.

Christie Love, executive director
Angie McIntyre, director of finance
Mary Ann Pennington, office manager
Margaret Knass, fund development and community relations coordinator

Jan Keefer, president
Gil Standley, president-elect
Tom DiMartino, vice president
Brian Hall, vice president
Janet Harris, vice president
John McCreary, vice president
Ann Updegraff Spleth, vice president
Merry Thoe, vice president
Jeff Yu, treasurer
Joanie Fuson, secretary

*Because of limited space, listing includes officers only.

Advancement Via Individual Determination: Offered in both high schools and three middle schools to 550 kids a year. Pushes kids who are performing at an average level into more rigorous course work and gives them academic support.

My Community Gets Healthy: Brings a comprehensive, sustainable fitness and wellness program into all Lawrence Township schools. Involves fitness instruction, goal setting, data collection and wellness instruction for families.

My Achievement Center: Foundation-sponsored tutoring centers open to all students.


The Light Their Future Gala is a night of dinner and dancing, live and silent auction, and cash raffle. The eighth annual gala, April 8, sold out at 500 guests and raised $157,000. The next gala, April 17, 2009, will be held at a larger location, the Marriott hotel downtown.


2008 income: $635,271
2008 expenses: $583,022
2007 assets: $2 million

2009 projected income: $668,000
2009 projected expenses: $659,050
Fiscal year begins: July 1

2008 income
Special events: 34 percent
Corporate contributions: 29 percent
Personal contributions: 25 percent
Investments: 12 percent

2008 expenses
Grants: 66 percent
Salaries: 19 percent
Special events: 11 percent
Administration: 4 percent

Investments Special Administration 12% events 4% 11%

Personal Special contributions Salaries events 25% 19% 34% Grants Corporate 66% contributions 29%

Information was provided by Lawrence Township School Foundation. Profiled organizations must be based in or serve the Indianapolis area, must have Internal Revenue Service tax-exempt status, and must be willing to provide IBJ with detailed financial information.

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