Cops before cricket

August 10, 2013

Cricket fields, a league, tournament play and the economic benefits they might bring to Marion County could have all been enjoyed without spending $6 million from the city’s budget [DeGaris column, July 29]. In fact, not one tax dollar needed to have been spent.

Privately owned major sports complexes in Marion County would have happily converted or expanded their existing playing fields to accommodate cricket. The Indianapolis Sports Park on the south side already hosts many three- to four-day weekend sports tournaments that attract visitors from surrounding states on its 44 acres of lighted fields.

The economic benefits to the city and to a small business could have been captured had private sector versus government solutions been considered.

Also, the United States Cricket Association’s history and reputation is not that of a sound, stable organization. It has multiple lawsuits pending against it. It canceled its 2012-13 tournaments, and recent audits found it on shaky financial footing.

I am a Republican. The mayor is a Republican. One of the major tenets of the GOP hasn’t changed much over the years. That is that in governing, our approach should be that we look to the things government must do, and for all other activities we look to the private sector.


Christine Scales
City-County Councilor, District 4

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