Kochs balance debate

May 9, 2015

Sheila Suess Kennedy’s [May 4] column should have had the headline: “Monied megaphones drown liberal left voices.” She states that people like the Koch family and others have such a strong voice in support of conservative causes that they may unduly influence rank and file Americans. She says, “The problem is a lack of proportionate countervailing voices.”

Give me a break! The liberal left voice is alive and well, vocal, and in lock-step with the agendas of the Obamas, the Clintons, Harry Reid and others of their persuasion each and every day in the mainstream media. We live in an age where we are spoon fed the news that liberal politicians and commentators would have us hear.

The real shame of it is that it takes people like the Koch brothers and their billions to attempt to level the playing field.


Steve Schug, Pendleton

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