Indiana farmland values fall after long rally

August 10, 2015

A Purdue University survey shows farmland values across Indiana fell in the past year.

The Purdue Land Value and Cash Rent Survey shows prices for the state's top-quality farmland declined by 5.1 percent, from an average of $9,765 an acre in 2014 to $9,266 this year.

Farmland of average quality fell by 3.8 percent, from $7,976 to $7,672 per acre, and prices for low-quality land fell 4.8 percent, from $6,160 to $5,863. It was the first time since 2009 all three farmland classes declined in value in the same year.

Purdue agricultural economist and farmland value specialist Michael Langemeier said the pullback in value was expected. Values fell in all parts of the state except the 10 counties in southwest Indiana, where prices rose by 13 percent for the best available farmland.


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