Maddox’s Pence column spawns creative thinking

December 26, 2015

In reference to Mr. Mark Maddox’s recent column [Mike Pence, governor of INtolerance, Dec. 7 IBJ], Mr. Maddox points out the intolerance of our Governor Pence concerning the 10,000 Syrians earmarked to come to Indiana.

You know, I have been thinking about this, and I know that “It’s a Mighty Thin Pancake That Don’t Have Two Sides.” (See my book.)

I think I have a solution. How about an “Adopt a Syrian” program? For instance, Mr. Maddox could pick out a Syrian family and either let them move in with him or get them an apartment close by so he could mentor them.

He could also be responsible for getting them a job—even if someone else has to be fired.

I am excited about this solution, and I could see the entire Bar Association wanting to get in on this program.

I even think the archbishop might like this program. (Like Mr. Maddox, I am also a Catholic.)

Rex Early

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