Target column took ridiculous stance

May 14, 2016

Curt Smith was incredibly off base with his recent commentary in the IBJ [Target must change policy to protect customers, May 9 Forefront]. His starter about privacy and the Target credit card hack correlation is about as lame as saying their cracked sidewalk is to blame for their bathroom decision. What a worthless stretch!!!

He forgets that most bathrooms have stalls, so the various stages of undress he mentions for all to see will occur in dressing rooms—not bathrooms. Private dressing rooms are where kids try on bathing suits. Where does he get such bunk? He is acting like a hate-monger. And if kids might change clothes in a bathroom, they should be with a parent anyway, for safety—from non-transgender predators.

As for transgenders targeting children—putting targets on their backs—hey, we have never had a problem with transgenders being implicated in any attacks. Ever. He is making up things to fit his 1800s agenda.

Lastly, many big companies including Starbucks, have the same inclusive policy. So go have a problem with all these other modern day companies with your antiquated ideas.


David Morgan

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