UPDATE: Castleton Cosmetic and Family Dentistry

January 26, 2009


Address: 5750 E. 91st St.

Phone: 849-3280

E-mail: drtellman@comcast.net

Web site: drtellman.com

Founded: 1958

Owner: Bill Tellman

Service/product: cosmetic and general dentistry

Employees: 7

Revenue (past 12 months): $1.25 million

Date of first profile: Jan. 26, 2004

Bill Tellman is reaching out to other cosmetic professionals, plastic surgeons and salons to work together in expanding a new client base: the 95 percent of his customers who are relatively unaffected by the recession.

Tellman, owner of Castleton Cosmetic and Family Dentistry, said his business has been flat compared with a year ago, but, based on the current economy, flat doesn't seem so bad.

Fewer customers have been getting elective, cosmetic procedures, but those who are have not suffered adverse effects from the recession. His marketing efforts are focusing on those people, he said.

Since its 2004 profile, Castleton Cosmetic and Family Dentistry has begun offering sedation dentistry to people who fear the dentist, Tellman said. He also is more involved in treating patients for temporomandibular joint and muscle disorders and headaches by correcting bite problems, and he helps treat mild to moderate sleep apnea with dental appliances, he said. TMJ can cause problems with speaking, eating, chewing, swallowing, making facial expressions and breathing.

While other industries have been hit hard by the declining economy, the dental industry has experienced increased demand at a time more dentists are retiring than are coming into the profession.

"There are more people and fewer dentists to serve them," Tellman said.

While some businesses are cutting back services during these difficult times, he said he opted to modify his services to treat a wider array of patients with different needs.

"We have expanded the types of services we offer beyond the 'family dentist' you may think of," Tellman said. "We are more of an advanced restorative practice than a family dentist; however, we still will treat children and families for 'normal dental problems.'" 

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