LETTER: Vote no on Fishers hotel

July 30, 2016

City of Fishers: Please don’t allow the construction of a new hotel at 106th Street and I-69.

I live near this site. We moved into “old Fishers” for its charm and its great schools—and the ability to cross Lantern Road (with its 25 mph speed limit that isn’t always followed) with my children and walk downtown Fishers and visit the small businesses.

With Ikea and Topgolf entering our city and community health centers right down the street now, it feels much less “small town” and much more commercialized and over-developed. I understand these types of businesses bring profit into our city, but along with them comes the potential for higher crime rates, congested traffic and the loss of smaller businesses that make this city special. Fishers was claimed to be the No. 2 city in the U.S. to raise children. I’d hate to see that title lost because our city decided profit was more of a priority than quality of life.

Please think about the people of your city when you cast your vote on this project.


Danielle Stillson

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