LETTER: Leaders must pay attention to poverty throughout city

December 10, 2016

I am very happy to see that someone in the media is finally giving some attention to poverty in Indianapolis [Editorial: Poverty report is wake-up call, Nov. 28].

I have tracked this information since before I retired from the Indianapolis Urban League and have been raising the alarm that not enough people and organizations are paying attention to this.

The majority of those living in poverty in Marion County do not live in Center Township. And even a further look at the township schools that serve those families living in poverty just outside of Center Township [shows that] for the most part [they] are not performing better than the IPS schools that serve those living in poverty. Student homelessness is another part of this that needs to be looked into.

This report should make us think that we are living in a state and a city that values the balance sheet more than the welfare of its citizens.


Joseph A. Slash, former president and CEO
Indianapolis Urban League

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