LETTER: VA irresponsible in Crown Hill ‘debacle’

March 25, 2017

Thank you for your editorial in support of Mayor Hogsett’s call for preservation of the Crown Hill North Woods [Park a good use for Crown Hill site, March 20]. However, I must point out some inconsistencies in your statement.

You say that, “It’s hard to understand why it took so long for opponents to come out of the woodwork.”

I am a veteran and frequently access VA services in Indianapolis. But I didn’t hear about the project until the other opponents, and the general public, did. The Department of Veterans Affairs made the absolute minimum effort required by law, which was the purchase of legal ads in a local newspaper, and several notices in the Federal Register.

When the VA’s National Cemetery Administration realized, after the uproar began, that they needed to make an additional gesture to the public, they held an “informational meeting” at the War Memorial on Sept. 29. Only one person in attendance expressed support for the current plan. Scores lambasted it. The bureaucrats ignored us, and all subsequent opposition and pleas.

The entire history of this debacle belies the claim at the end of your editorial that the VA “has acted responsibly and reasonably up to this point.” The truth is the exact opposite. Also, the IBJ itself could have weighed in on this scandal much earlier than March 18. But as I always say, “better late than never.”

Gary W. Moody

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