LETTER: Media needs to look at reality of ACA

August 5, 2017

First, full disclosure: I loathe the Affordable Care Act, as we lost our plan and doctor 11 days before our daughter was born. Our company offered no fewer than six different plans, including a 90/10 plan for which we paid $150 per month. The company dumped all the plans except a “one plan fits all” 80/20 plan at $650 per month. Our $500 deductible is now $5,000. And, our current carrier is dumping all the health care coverage Dec. 31.

Blaming Republicans is absurd [Editorial: Health care debate needs sanity, July 31]. Obama pitched this plan as low cost ($2,500 per year), no loss of plan or doctor, no increases to our national debt. All lies and all voted for by Democrats. As this ill-conceived legislation started to unravel, from the start, the Democrats did nothing.

Blaming Republicans for the “standoff” is irresponsible and biased. This standoff started when the ACA was force fed through the Democratic-led House and Senate, along partisan lines, as part of a partisan agenda, and among lies about the legislation’s effect on those who had health care.

The only blame Republicans shoulder is their failure to get rid of this poor legislative mess, so that a solution that benefits all can be attained.

The liberal Democrats who pieced together this editorial prove journalism is dead.


Jeff Kitchen

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