LETTER: Keep tiny house parked

September 23, 2017

I find it funny that Maggie Daniels will be wasting huge amounts of gas towing her heavier-than-a-fifth-wheel with aerodynamics-of-a-pile-of-bricks tiny house around the country [Tiny house rental attracts guests seeking serenity, Aug. 28]. That is what travel trailers are for. Plus, many tiny houses are not made for the sustained winds of being towed at highway speeds. I hear that pieces can fall off of them easily.

Tiny houses should stay in your back yard, at the lake or in the woods where they can be enjoyed, not being hauled around wasting more resources than were saved creating them.

I am not in the travel trailer industry. I own three vintage trailers and travel extensively with them. Vintage is as cool as a tiny house and much more efficient.


Phil Schaefer

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