LETTER: Lucas estate decision leaves victims

October 7, 2017

In reading your editorial concerning the events held at the Lucas estate, I can agree with your comments [Editorial: Party war in Carmel is not over yet, Oct. 2]. However, there is an elephant in the room pertaining to events that have already been booked. What do those people do now? What course can they take?

Yes, I have a vested interest in this as my daughter has her reception scheduled at Lucas and down payments and arrangements have already been placed in motion. At the very least, events already booked should be able to go forward. We’re innocent victims here as we signed a contract in good faith with a venue that did as well, considering that there had never been any trouble/complaints from city officials concerning previous events.

I would have thought that this issue would have come up during all the meetings and discussions. Apparently, it did not. Perhaps the Carmel Board of Zoning Appeals can revisit this issue and help those of us on the hook.


Jeffrey Cave

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