LETTER: State not progressive on social issues

October 28, 2017

Thank you, Mickey, for your column [Maurer: Will Bezos ignore state’s social record, Oct. 9]. You deftly took on Indiana’s stubborn refusal to protect the fundamental rights and human dignity of a variety of our citizens—women, persons of color, immigrants, the LGBTQ community—and reminded readers that it is not a remnant of a long-ago past. Even now, Indiana’s political leaders continue to work to deprive classes of persons of various rights and benefits of citizenship—debating and all too often enacting new laws each year that send the message to the rest of the country that Indiana is backwards and bigoted.

As you point out, Indiana’s politics stand in sharp contrast to our aspirations to be a progressive state when it comes to courting business. It is sad that Indiana seems only to take social and political steps forward when it makes fiscal sense to do so.


Carl Hayes

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