LETTER: City must take lead on Circle Centre

November 25, 2017

Retail shopping centers across the country are all suffering. Circle Centre is no exception [Editorial: Circle Centre needs plan to secure future, July 2]. What makes it so serious here is the importance that Circle Centre plays in downtown Indianapolis.

Its decline or failure would have a devastating effect on downtown Indianapolis, the convention center, the hospitality industry and the state of Indiana. We would suffer severe damage to the renaissance of the city’s core that is presently underway.

Circle Centre is a unique development that involved deep fiscal commitments from government, both local and federal, along with private sector equity and financing. It was an important piece of the revitalization of Indianapolis and its downtown.

Taxpayers have a lot invested and citizens have a lot at stake, and both interests are contingent on the continued success of this project.

The mayor’s office should move quickly to establish a task force that would define the goals for the future of downtown and the role of Circle Centre in that future.


Robert N. Kennedy

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