DINING: Satisfying bar food—with a few twists—toplines TopGolf’s fare

December 2, 2017
Mushi is TopGolf’s mash-up Mexicanization of sushi. It costs $10. (IBJ photo/Eric Learned)

There are two different approaches to dining while at TopGolf, one practical and cost-efficient, the other social and holistic.

For those who adhere to the former, TopGolf has a sizable bar and restaurant area where you can relax and indulge before, after or instead of hitting balls on the faux links. Compartmentalizing in this way maximizes your playing time and extends your experience at the facility. That approach, though, misses the fun of ordering food in your bay, munching away at shared plates while taking turns at the tee.

We chose the latter route, picking away at a parade of choices from TopGolf’s surprisingly satisfying bar-food-heavy menu, starting with the most unfamiliar item—unfamiliar because it’s a TopGolf creation.

I’m talking about Mushi ($10), an effort to combine the pleasures of sushi and Mexican restaurant staples. It actually works well enough, although it’s more of a burrito variant than a true cultural fusion. A jalapeno tortilla houses cilantro sticky rice, beans, spiced chicken and cheddar cheese. Sour cream, avocado and sriracha come along for the ride.

Char-Grilled Steak Flatbread ($11) offered marinated meat, grilled red onion, chimichurri and jalapeno on naan-style bread. Spinach & Goat Cheese Salad ($11) benefited from sun-dried cranberries, candied pecans and a low-fat balsamic vinaigrette that let the veggies and cinnamon-rubbed goat cheese carry the load. I still don’t see a reason to pile mac and cheese on a burger, but if that’s your thing, the Mac Daddy ($13) pulls it off, adding sliced pepper jack to make it even cheesier.

Our only regret was that neither the Chicken & Waffles Sliders ($9.50) nor the Injectable Donut Holes ($11) were available on our visit. We’ll let the kitchen take a mulligan on those and try again another time.•


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