LETTER: Shining a light on poverty

May 25, 2018

I commend IBJ for alerting your readership (and the general community) to the serious problem of poverty—may I also add illiteracy to the discussion?—that confronts our city [Indy must confront growing gap between haves and have-nots, May 18]. Commendable as well is the series of articles by Hayleigh Colombo [Left Behind, May 11] that are to focus on the causes of poverty and solutions to alleviate it.

I feel strongly that the present minimum wage needs to be increased incrementally until it can provide a sustainable income to lift wage earners out of poverty and also importantly to become wage earners with enough discretionary income to rev up the engine of the economy, i.e., consumer spending. I am sure that Ms. Colombo will look into what several other cities, such as Seattle, are doing to fight this plague of deep income [in]equality.

I look forward to further coverage and congratulate you for tackling this issue.


Weber Donaldson Jr.

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