Letter: Pass Senate farm bill

June 29, 2018

The Senate Agriculture Committee has advanced a farm bill that will soon face debate on the Senate floor. Unlike the House farm bill that failed to pass and was riddled with reckless environmental rollbacks intended to promote logging on our national forests, the Senate bill promotes the public’s use of our national forests.

The Senate version is a bipartisan effort that protects water, wildlife and popular recreation destinations on our national forests from harmful logging and road building. But it will soon face renewed assaults from development interests with attempts to weaken environmental protections, do away with important public input on projects, and damage the habitat of endangered species including the Indiana bat, which calls the Hoosier National Forest home.

Thank Sen. Joe Donnelly, a member of the Senate Agriculture Committee, for helping craft a good farm bill and encourage him and Sen. Todd Young to keep our public lands in public hands.


Anne Laker, spokesperson
Indiana Forest Alliance

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