No place to hide

May 17, 2014

I am definitely a free speech advocate, even if the opinion being expressed is reprehensible [May 5 Lopresti column]. I understand that rich guys aren’t in the business of policing other rich guys, so it isn’t surprising Donald Sterling hasn’t been sanctioned for his business dealings outside of basketball, but what does this all mean if you can force someone to sell an asset because of something he said in his own home, made public in a very questionable way?

Who really wants to be held to that standard—white, black or any other race? As Mark Cuban has already said, that should “scare the hell” out of everyone, if we are being honest with ourselves.

Is there no safe haven, nowhere that you can express your personal thoughts, no matter how distasteful they may be, without fear that they be broadcast on the network news? What does freedom of speech really mean?

I am not sure anymore, and the Sterling saga is just the latest incident that makes me wonder.

Jim Hunter, Anderson

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