Indianapolis Business Journal

APRIL 14-20, 2014

In this week's issue, Chris O'Malley digs into a federal lawsuit between Indiana body shop owners and car insurance companies, who are accused of squeezing compensation for collision-repair shops to the point of collapse. Also this week, Scott Olson previews an unexpected menu addition for Indy-based Steak n Shake. And in A&E Etc., Lou Harry praises a congregation of theatrical works in the area with unconventional takes on men of the cloth.

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San Francisco route off to flying start

Indianapolis business travelers pay a premium to shave a few hours and a lot of hassle off their trips to Silicon Valley, and they appear eager to do so. A new nonstop route between Indianapolis International Airport and San Francisco was about three-quarters sold in January and February, the two slowest months for air travel.

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An alternate plan to repair streets

Mayor Ballard is criss-crossing Indy promoting Rebuild Indy 2.0 to make street, road, curb and sidewalk improvements. I agree; we need to make critical investment in our infrastructure. And quickly.

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