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AUG. 26-SEPT. 1, 2013

This week, read IBJ's special report detailing how Indianapolis spent nearly $400 million in Rebuild Indy funds and find out how a Noblesville firm helped Budweiser's parent company develop a "revolutionary" beer can. Lou Harry offers a guide to arts events worth trying in the annual A&E Season Preview. And Bill Benner shares his thoughts on college football.

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Ballard wins allies for cricket strategy

Both sides of the political aisle are howling that the $6 million transforming Post Road Community Park into the Indianapolis World Sports Park could be better spent. Yet a powerful group of people and organizations says the 48-acre park championed by Mayor Greg Ballard is already paying off and will score even bigger dividends in the future.

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Debt collectors brawling in court

Todd Wolfe, the 41-year-old founder of Deca Financial Services in Fishers, is at the center of a legal feud with Educational Credit Management Corp., an Oakdale, Minn., not-for-profit that insures $35 billion in federal student loans.

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‘Prototyper’ sees business gain fizz

TWeatherford Inc. was launched in 2006 as a reseller for additive manufacturing equipment, often called 3D printers or rapid prototypers. It has done well with the machinery sales and rentals, but has begun providing actual manufacturing services on a larger scale.

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CHAPMAN: Don’t unwittingly spawn invaders

You probably don’t notice it when you walk into your office building or drive by the bank. The landscaping looks nice, so you don’t pay attention to it. Throughout central Indiana, though, developers and landscapers are using plants that are inexpensive and look good, but plants like burning bush and Japanese barberry are destroying our native habitats and hurting land and water quality.

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Alcohol laws in dark ages

The controversy over liquor sales on Sunday [Aug. 12] and allowing convenience stores and grocery stores to sell liquor and beer on Sunday is exactly why we are looked upon by most other states as backward-thinking Midwestern hicks.

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Lessons lost on Kennedy

Sheila Kennedy’s [Aug. 12] column “Detroit reflects our moral bankruptcy” leads us down the same path she always goes.

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NFP of NOTE: Camptown Inc.

Camptown Inc. challenges, mentors and teaches at-risk youth about life through outdoor adventure and nature programs that help build confidence, character and hope.

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