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DEC. 26, 2011-JAN. 1, 2012

This week, check out IBJ's roundup of the top business stories of 2011 and see what A&E Editor Lou Harry thinks were the best shows of the year. Have some downtime? Work Mickey Maurer's annual puzzle. And find out what's on the minds of our Forefront columnists.

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Far-flung areas court Super Bowl spending

Downtown will be the focal point of Super Bowl XLVI, but communities from Zionsville to Columbus are aggressively pursuing some of the money visitors are expected to shower on the region.

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State unlikely to revive natural-gas grandeur

Indiana was once the world’s capital for natural-gas production, but recent advances in drilling and resource-recovery technology are not likely to revive those glory days anytime soon because of a combination of human-made and natural obstructions.

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EDITORIAL: Mayoral control is best for IPS

The Mind Trust’s provocative new report on the future of Indianapolis Public Schools is sure to lead to a vigorous debate over how the district should operate, including whom the public should hold accountable for its performance—the publicly elected board that controls it now or the mayor of Indianapolis.

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Mourdock budget fails honesty test

On a careful review of Indiana State Treasurer Richard Mourdock’s federal budget plan released Nov. 15, it’s obvious that Gov. Mitch Daniels, who knows something about federal budgeting, is in charge of the budget, not the state treasurer.

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Where are the jobs from the stimulus?

According to Sheila Suess Kennedy’s [Dec. 19] column, doubling down on the $1 trillion stimulus package from 2009 will result in a panacea of new jobs (23,000) per $1 billion.

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