Indianapolis Business Journal

JAN. 5-11, 2024

The NBA All-Star Weekend is just six weeks away, and it’s a much different event that what originally had been planned for 2021 but was canceled due to the pandemic. IBJ kicks off its coverage this week with two front page stories: Susan Orr details the new approach for entertaining non-ticketed fans and involving local businesses and volunteers; and Dave Lindquist chronicles how local hospitality venues are gearing up to host the many public, private and corporate events connected with the NBA’s midseason extravaganza. Also in this week’s issue, Daniel Bradley outlines the distance between what has been proposed for the Maurer Commons site in Whitestown and what some community members and town councilors would like to see.

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Indiana 250: Dawn Rosemond

Dawn Rosemond has been with Barnes & Thornburg LLP for 28 years—her entire legal career. In 2016, she transitioned away from traditional practice and took on the role of firm diversity partner, in which she leads and activates the firm’s commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion across its entire 23-office footprint. She’s responsible for driving […]

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Made in Indiana: Caramels, chocolates and more by Abbott’s Candies

History: Abbott’s Candies was founded in 1890 by W.C. Abbott in Hagerstown. He started his career as a traveling salesman selling candies for the Dilling Candy Co. His first business was a restaurant in Hagerstown that served fried chicken, steak and pastries. While running the restaurant, he experimented with creating candy. His butterscotch and chocolate […]

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Barb Cutillo: Your path to promotion: Take the hero’s journey

Many of you know of the hero’s journey: the protagonist who goes on an adventure, learns a lesson, wins a victory and returns home transformed. It is a timeless storytelling pattern that crosses cultures and genres, with “The Odyssey,” “Star Wars” and “The Lord of the Rings” trilogy just a few examples. Believe it or […]

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