Indianapolis Business Journal

OCTOBER 19-25, 2009

This week, find out if there is any truth the the rumors that Hoosier Park is on the brink of bankruptcy. Also, learn how local physicians are joining forces to serve patients. In our Perimeter section, read about what Bloomington's mayor is doing to keep the college town's character intact. And check out IBJ Style columnist Gabrielle Poshadlo's latest discovery.

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Consultant: Indianapolis water utility lax in overseeing Veolia

The city too often relied on the Department of Waterworks’ board, on consultants and on the private
operator, Veolia Water, rather than on the department’s own staff “to ensure safe and efficient
operation, maintenance and management” of Indianapolis Water. That’s one of several critical
findings of a consultant hired by the department and filed as part of a 35-percent rate-hike request
pending before the Indiana Utility Regulatory Commission.

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Power Breakfast panel debates health care reform

As health care legislation
continues to wend its way through Congress, Indianapolis-area industry leaders still harbor strong
opinions about the issue. Five industry insiders discussed how to improve the health care system during
IBJ’s Power Breakfast Sept. 25 at the Westin Indianapolis.

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EDITORIAL: City water utility in over its head

As missteps by the city’s water utility threaten to drown local ratepayers with dramatically higher bills, Mayor
Greg Ballard’s administration is exploring a complete overhaul of the system. The mayor’s initiative can’t produce results soon enough.

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WIEGAND: Does Indianapolis suffer from ‘economic apartheid’?

I see Mayor Greg Ballard’s plan to demolish abandoned homes as a sign of failure, an acknowledgment
that our leaders—those whom we elected, business leaders, policy people, and leaders of not-for-profits—have failed
us, much in the same way leaders dramatically failed the auto companies, investment banks and mortgage companies.

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Baucus health reform bill draws fire in Indiana, too

The health insurance industry’s sudden counterpunch to the Senate version of health reform echoed in Indiana and
opened a key issue for the rest of the debate: Will covering half of the country’s uninsured mean raising premiums for
the 85 percent of Americans who already have insurance?

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Business incubation expert teaches best practices in Asia

When he oversaw Indiana University’s Advanced Research and Technology Corp., the school’s business incubation
and technology transfer program, Mark Long helped dozens of local startups get off the ground. Now, as head of his own business
incubation consultancy, Long is making a name for himself overseas.

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