BENNER: Lin Dunn working her coaching magic on the Indiana Fever

When it comes to basketball coaching greats with Indiana ties, the question is not where to start the list—John Wooden,
Bob Knight, Tony Hinkle and Bobby Leonard would qualify as an initial Mount Rushmore—but where to end it. Among
women, the list is significantly shorter, but there’s one name that would be right at the top.

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Pacers bailout no slam dunk

If the Pacers want the city to support it with more money, the organization needs to provide more information to the city,
and perhaps a future cut of event proceeds.

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CIB can’t count on mall funders

If the Capital Improvement Board comes, hat in hand, looking for help, we trust the investing companies will carefully weigh the benefits they’ve derived from the city and its thriving downtown before delivering an answer.

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