Community moves to integrate doctors

Health Care watch videoCommunity Health now has about 550 physicians, either on its payroll or committed through integration contracts, who have some of their pay hinge on measures of quality and communication. CEO Bryan Mills says the hospital system is looking to add even more.

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State to receive $83M in housing aid

The Treasury Department said Wednesday it will send $2 billion to 17 states that have unemployment rates higher than the national
average for a year. Indiana is due to receive $83 million. States will use the money for programs to aid unemployed homeowners.

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Obama signs unemployment bill; checks are coming

President Barack Obama on Thursday signed into law a restoration of benefits for people who have been out of work for six
months or more. The move ended an interruption that cut off payments averaging about $300 a week to 2½ million people
who have been unable to find work in the aftermath of the nation's long and deep recession.

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