Greg Ballard: Hoosier conservatives ready for renewable energy

A recent poll of Republican primary voters in Indiana confirms that Hoosier Republicans are mirroring the national trend of conservatives supporting renewable energy. This is good news for the renewable-energy industry, which employs 50% more people in Indiana than does the fossil-fuel sector.

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Greg Ballard mayors quote

BALLARD: Cities thrive when mayors share ideas

Indianapolis mayors generally pass the torch well from one administration to the next. And one piece of advice consistently gets passed down from one mayor to another: Take the U.S. Conference of Mayors seriously.

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Ballard: A legacy shaped by deals

Republican Greg Ballard was full of surprises after an unlikely mayoral victory eight years ago. As he leaves the mayor’s office, he hopes his legacy is a new group of GOP leaders.

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Mayoral foes: City must draw residents to bolster tax revenue

Attracting higher-wage residents is key to future growth as city revenues have stagnated and local governments have become increasingly reliant on income taxes. Republican Chuck Brewer and Democrat Joe Hogsett are proposing ways to bolster Indy neighborhoods.

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Ends and means—BlueIndy edition

In my classes, one of the things I emphasize to my students is the importance of process. The way in which you achieve a goal is often just as important—sometimes even more important—than the goal itself. This is, of course, a core precept of the rule of law. There are plenty of examples: efforts to […]

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