Indianapolis needs more to-your-door delivery services

There is an essential component missing that I believe service businesses have to pay attention to and offer if they truly
consider themselves “taking care of the city [of Indianapolis] dwellers.” One of them is to-your-door delivery, especially
for food, including groceries.

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Winter farmers market to open

A new market called Indy Winter Farmers Market is scheduled to open Nov. 15 at 2442 N. Central Ave. It will be open all winter
on Saturdays from 9 a.m. to 12:30 p.m.

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HHGregg tuned into growth

Undeterred by a rocky economy, locally based electronics retailer HHGregg is trailblazing into new markets on a quest to quadruple
in size. The firm’s “price and advice” mantra seems to be catching on. That’s no surprise to Jerry Throgmartin, a 33-year
veteran of Gregg who has served as the company’s chairman and CEO since 2003.

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