With heat on company, ITT’s CEO Modany swings back

But in an interview with IBJ, ITT Educational Services CEO Kevin Modany asserted that for-profit colleges are a good deal, that they produce better results than community colleges, and that they are critical for the state and nation to close the skills gap among workers.

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Daniels cuts merit raises of top Purdue staff

Purdue University President Mitch Daniels on Monday eliminated merit raises for administrators earning more than $50,000 annually over the next two years in the first in a series of cost-cutting moves to cover the estimated $40 million cost of freezing tuition rates through 2015.

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Ivy Tech battles enrollment dip by promoting its lower tuition

This summer, Ivy Tech Community College rolled out a nearly $1 million marketing campaign that stressed the school’s affordability versus other higher education options. The message appears to have hit home. What looked like an impending 15-percent reduction in fall enrollment ended up at just under 5 percent.

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