Manufacturer turns tiny cars into big business

GreenLight Collectibles—a maker and wholesaler of replica cars, trucks, boats, trailers and other diminutive look-alikes—has managed to gain speed with growing revenue and new distribution deals—all while many of its competitors have hit the wall.

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Proposals to loosen Indiana’s wine distribution system fail

At IBJ press time, the General Assembly was set to close another session without significant change to the state’s complex alcohol distribution system, ensuring another year of wrangling between wineries and wholesalers. A proposal to raise the direct shipping limit to 10,000 cases failed. So did a broader deregulation bill brought by a new Indiana wine drinker’s group, VinSense.

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Fundex mixes tradition with high-tech in game biz

Fundex’s Oct. 10 acquisition of the Great American Puzzle Factory keeps the Indianapolis-based game and toy company firmly
planted in the tried and true, even as it experiments with the burgeoning mobile-game market.

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