Column overlooked airport parking option

December 12, 2009

In your Nov. 2 edition, Tom Henderson weighed in on the new Indy Airport experience. One of his complaints about the new midfield terminal was that, without competition, available parking options have you where they want you. He realized, why complain when it is a fait accompli? There is, however, another option. It’s a viable option that would take him out of his misery.

Henderson was clearly frustrated with the airport options. He cited that “the nice competition that was a hallmark of the old terminal is gone. No concierge services can be found in a nearby competitive lot.” Little did he know that just off I-70, exit 68, just a couple minutes further, there is an off-airport option, Indy Park Ride & Fly, which borders the airport runways.

Here’s a business that has serviced the airport traveler for over 11 years with both a premium valet service and self-park options. Both options provide door-to-door service. Shuttles pick you up right next to your car. The bus drivers handle your luggage, pass out bottles of water and drop you off at the terminal door. Seamless. Fast. Not like the “current fleet of tortoise-like buses that service the huge Economy Lot” Henderson wrote about.

Indy Park Ride & Fly’s rates are much lower than the airport’s. The savings make a huge difference. There is an Indy airport parking option that upgrades the travelers’ experience, saves them money, and starts their day without any of the problems cited in Henderson’s article.
Janet Leslie
Janet Leslie Productions

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