Tourism should not be our focus

May 18, 2009

Here we go again, the Capital Improvement Board needs a cash infusion from taxes and fees.

When will the insanity stop? Every dollar sucked into this bottomless pit for the amusement of some and the wealth of others is money diverted from either true needs of the public sector or potential growth and expansion of the "real economy" of the private sector. Tourism is a minor part of the overall economy.

The only result that would occur from not continuing to prop up the CIB would be the redistribution of any discretionary recreational dollars to other unsubsidized entities like our privately funded zoo. For some strange reason, the zoo can survive without tax dollars and continue to expand; supposedly it is unthinkable for the downtown convention and tourism industry to build its own facilities.

If a city really wants to attract people to its city (to live and visit), it has to become a better city, but to become a better city it has to know what it is and what it wants to be and what it can be.

Larry W. Williams

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